How to install Hv3 browser (Hv3 – Tcl/Tk Web Browser) in Debian 6.0 Squeeze

Hv3 browser is already for x86 platform as statically linked, so we don’t need compile.

First we need install missing package:

apt-get install libstdc++5

After this, just follow as user (not root) these commands:

gunzip hv3-linux-nightly-08_0203.gz
chmod +x hv3-linux-nightly-08_0203

Now you have in your home folder (or where you install it) Hv3 executable, it can be started from command line simple:


First time, Hv3 will ask you to install hv3_polipo. It is not neccesary, but from description, it can help improve Hv3 performance, so just press OK and wait few seconds:

Install Hv3_polipo

After this, Hv3 will start:

Hv3 browser

Don’t forget, Hv3 is in alpha stage and it can crash when you don’t expect it and with very slow development (this binary is from 2008).